2011 Petit Manseng


Passion fruit, guava, vanilla bean and peach.


Off-dry with a balance of weight and crisp acidity.

Food Pairings

A variety of exotic foods like Thai and Indian dishes and spiced steamed shrimp or mussels with ginger and lemongrass.


Located on a plateau of the west slope of the Blue Ridge Mountains, at 1,270 feet above sea level. This planting consists of 1.5 acres of 3-year-old vines, growing in deep and well drained rocky soils. The vines are cane pruned to the double Guyot system.


2010 was an extraordinary winegrowing year in Virginia. High heat and extremely dry conditions prevailed throughout the growing season. Add in an early bud break and no season-ending tropical storms, we enjoyed a long growing season which in turn allowed our red grapes time to attain ultimate and full ripeness. These are hedonistic red wines.


For our Petit Manseng, 2011 was a good year. Bud break occurred normally, around mid-April and flowering too was normal, around the first of June. Summer temperatures were normal, with some hot days and some cool ones. Rainfall was normal for most of the summer, turning very dry in August just before harvest. Remnants of Hurricane Irene and Tropical storm Lee came through Virginia in late August and early September, leaving behind 7 inches of water. 2011 went downhill from here as it rained almost daily for the next 30 days. Surprisingly, Petit Manseng handles excessive water quite well, showing little signs of flavor dilution or any rots.


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